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is ready with information on our indoor, outdoor, factory and military lighting lenses made in borosilicate or soda lime glass and how LGC can propel your project to success.

Also, you can find more medical related products like if you just check around.

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Lancaster Glass Corporation
A Leader in Glass Manufacturing Technology since 1910 ---

Lancaster Glass Corporation manufactures glass components for indoor and outdoor lighting, military, avionics, technical and specialty applications. Our glass can be used in diverse technological applications which make use of borosilicate / heat resisting, and soda lime glass. Additional electronic glass formulas including non-browning, leaded and specialty glass are used for military avionics, security and medical system displays.


  • **Refractors (borosilicate): canopy, hi-bay, wall pack, post top, tempered.
  • **Lighting Lenses (indoor/outdoor): pool and spa, landscape, fresnels, diffusers, meter, shower light, magnifying.
  • **Globes (heat resisting): explosion proof, factory lighting, threaded.
  • **Reflectors (bent in elliptical or spherical shapes): searchlight, spotlight, mirrors.
  • **Shades (clear or decorated): dome, cone, teardrop, bell, prismatic, pendant, bath bar.
  • Bowls: mixing, filter.
  • CRT glass: avionic, military, security, medical.
**(indicates some or all items included in catalog)

OEM manufacturers rely on our development of proprietary custom mould equipment to produce glass components for specialty applications including water and electric meters, pool, spa, landscape, theatrical, street and aviation lighting. Our production scheduling and warehousing capabilities allow us to meet JIT requirements, and our shipping gets the product to its destination on time. Go to http://residencestyle.com/modern-residence-expressing-the-local-architecture/, for the latest home design ideas.

OEM manufacturers our ON-LINE CATALOG shows stock items or non-proprietary mould options. Please refer to catalog listed minimum purchase levels.